Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just Piddling
Piddling around is one of my favorite ways to spend the day. My grandma used to say she was just piddling or puttering around when you asked her what she had been doing. 
According the dictionary on my phone piddling means to
spend time in a wasteful, trifling, or ineffective way.

I disagree with that definition.  To me piddling means you get to leisurely do something you want to do without any pressure to get something accomplished or finished by a certain time.  We all need days like that occasionally!

A few days ago I spent the day on my deck just piddling.  I had purchased a few wire vine plants and wanted to put them in pots so I could take them to my booth at Encore.  Granted I did have a goal in mind but I did it at my own pace.

While sitting in a rocking chair on one of my many "breaks" I remembered MB telling me about INSTAGRAM. 
So I downloaded the app to my phone and started playing around. 
Instagram is kind of a combination of PINTEREST and FACEBOOK. 
It's pictures you and the people you follow have taken.

I wanted to take pictures of the plants I had just potted.
Which of course led me to creating vignettes.  I didn't even clean the winter crud off most of the stuff.

This is my favorite!

Not a bad way to spend a few hours wouldn't you say?

All the plants and the cherub are headed to my booth. 
I'll be keeping the watering cans and the iron pieces.

You can follow me on INSTAGRAM  if you'd like.
I go by  elizabeth_anns

Elizabeth Ann


  1. love that awesome watering can...are you selling that too?


    1. Sorry Judy, I'm keeping the watering can. It's my favorite in my collection!

      Elizabeth Ann

  2. Soooo cute! I love piddling too!! haha