Saturday, April 28, 2012

La Tour Eiffel
(La dame de fer)

Over a year ago at an auction I was highest bidder for a lot of framed prints.  This meant I got to be the first to look through and choose from at least 100 pictures.  While the highest bidder looks they go on with the auction.  When the bidder is finished they "run" it again and then the next person who wins the bid gets to do the same thing.  You do feel a little pressure because you know others are waiting on you and you are in front of everyone attending the auction.  Luckily I had gotten there early enough that I was able to peruse them ahead of time and have an idea of the ones I wanted.  I have since sold all the pictures I bought, but I forgot about this one.   Until I unearthed it while cleaning out our little office.    
I like it because it is an original photograph.  On the back it's handwritten - taken from the right bank.   I like the way the people are dressed and the old cars.  Unfortunately the photo isn't dated, but I think maybe the late 30's. 

I decided it would be great as a prop in my booth,  in frames, on easels, or any where a little french touch is needed.  So I scanned it and adjusted the contrast a little and added the Elizabeth Ann's and my blog address. 

I also wanted something that looked more aged.  So I cropped some of the bottom then using the cloning tool I added more bushes and trees to cover up the cars and people.  Then changed the black and white to sepia tone.

Added Elizabeth Ann's and my blog address. 
Not even close to looking professional but I like it and I think these will add a nice touch to my booth. 

Now just hoping to see it in person one day.  Of course it will be while I'm on a France/Paris flea market shopping adventure!!!

Elizabeth Ann


  1. I love it!! What a great find!
    I think you did a wonderful job photoshopping it too!!
    It looks great!

  2. Hello Elizabeth Ann, You have such a charming blog! I love your altered image too. I do hope you get to visit Paris soon. You'll have a ball at the flea markets. Say hello for me.

    Best, Marjorie

    P.S. Thank you for stopping by my blog.