Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Meet Esmeralda

I normally don't name the furniture I paint, but I just felt this chest of drawers needed one. 

   Esmeralda, after the gypsy in the Hunch Back of Notre Dame, seemed to fit.

When my picker showed me this piece I hesitated and thought for a long time before telling him I would buy it.  Because the waterfall style isn't really my favorite,  I almost told him no. 

But the carved pieces and the curved top drawers won me over.

The original pulls were stunning. 
They already had red in them and the metal had started to get that beautiful blue green patina, which I helped along a little.  Unfortunately only four of them were usable so the other drawers have mismatched pulls and knobs.  But that just adds to her gypsyness.

My poor forlorn piece of furniture stayed in the storage unit while I waited for inspiration.  I knew it needed something different.  Then I saw this while cruising through Annie Sloan's facebook page. The artist is Kathy Ayers and she does incredible work.  I also love the way she stages her photos. 
Since I didn't get before pictures you'll have to trust me when I say FORLORN. 
But a good cleaning
a lot of sanding
(to smooth out peeling veneer)
some Provence, Emperor's Silk and Old Ochre ASCP
brought her back to life. 

I'm joining these parties:
Restored It Wednesday
Transformation Thursday
Furniture Feature Friday

Elizabeth Ann


  1. I usually say no to waterfall, too, because it's not my favorite, (although I did just do a waterfall piece, so I guess I shouldn't talk...) but that one is definitely a bit nicer than the average!

  2. She has character and is so lovely and colourful. I'm stopping by from FFF at Miss Mustard Seed and was pleasantly surprised to see the name of your blog-my name too. Elizabeth Ann (with no e)