Monday, February 28, 2011


I'm moved in, but not settled!

But that's a good thing.  I moved and got set up in my new home at Encore Resales, then I had to restock, then I expanded, now I need to restock again.  Of course in this kind of business one can never be settled, things always need to be moving and changing.  Maybe that's why I like it so much, I get to merchandise, stage, fluff, and arrange on a regular basis.  Plus I LOVE the hunt.

Today I'm showing my booth and over the next few days I'll show you several other booths at Encore.  You can also go to their website and see what's new and what has sold.

Okay, here we go, I must warn you there are lots of pictures!

Boy do I need a picture hanging next to that column!  Funny how spaces look different in photos.
 There are no walls in the area of the store I'm in so Mr. EA and I created a back wall by attaching shutters to a china cabinet with metal braces.  I'm not selling the cabinet because it's in really bad shape but it works great for display and to anchor the shutters.  I took the door off and plan to take the side glass panels out also. I can also store supplies I need in the lower half.  This also created a wall for the person next to me.

I wanted to show you a close up of the trumpet on the luggage cart.  It has U.S.O. M.C. engraved on it!  It was used by the Marine Corp USO and was made in 1913! It's not in the best of shape and I'm not sure if it can be restored but it makes a great display piece. 

Need a French style side table?

As you can see my taste ranges from rustic, to shabby chic to a little more refined.

I like mantiques but I also love the more feminine things.

I like to tell a story or set a scene when I create vignettes. 
Of course I might be the only one that gets it! ;-)

This dining table is a drop leaf and has an extra leaf along with six chairs.  I really like the French style lines.  The chairs need reupholstering and the whole set could probably use a paint job. 
So I priced it with all that in mind.

One more picture!  Here's a glimpse at the beginning of my Easter/Spring decor.  Don't you love this handmade wheel barrow?  Boy my taste really does run the gamut!
I'll be adding eggs to this and other springy touches around Elizabeth Ann's very soon.

Hope to see you in Encore sometime soon!

Elizabeth Ann 
P.S. Don't forget your 20% off coupon!  You'll find it on my sidebar.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Customer Appreciation Coupon!!!!!

(including items already marked down)
in my booth at Encore Resales.
 Please see the previous post about Consigning Interiors if you haven't already. 

I wanted to say thank you and to introduce you to Encore Resales so here's a little something just for my blog readers. 
Right click on the image here or on my side bar then choose
 "print picture". 
Then take the coupon to Encore and have fun! 
You can print as many as you would like but please only
use one coupon per visit.
My booth is basically a wreck right now but should be all pretty by this weekend.  If you are able to make it before the weekend come on over!  You don't mind digging and stepping over stuff do you?

Elizabeth Ann  

Monday, February 21, 2011

Buying, Sanding, Painting, Rearranging.....

and thanks to many of you I keep having to buy, sand, paint and rearrange some more! 
I LOVE every minute of it!

I want to thank all my customers that have kept me so busy and HAPPY

with a 20% off any item coupon.

But I have to tell you some sad news first.

Sad Face

On Saturday, February 19, 2011 Consigning Interiors had to shut its doors.  It was a surprise to all the vendors!
I am so very sad for the owners and for the loss of the family atmosphere we had there.  It was a place that many of us liked to just hang out and catch up with each other. 
Please keep the owners in your thoughts and prayers.  They have a long road ahead of them.  

There are several people looking at reopening the store and it may be reopened with in the next week.  Some of the vendors have decided to wait and see what happens before making the decision to move or not. 

I have decided and have already moved across the highway from Consigning Interiors to Encore Resales.  Right now I'm in the new part of the building but may be moving closer to the front later, I'll keep you posted. 

Encore is a HUGE place filled with Antiques, vintage/retro, consigned and new furniture.  You will also find beautiful accessories for your home.  Many of the vendors from Consigning Interiors have moved to Encore also so you will feel some familiarity when you visit.

My daughter and I will be spending all week getting my new booth set and up and ready to welcome you for your first visit.  When you enter the store just ask the front desk where to find me. 
By the way the staff is exceptional!!!

Now for the 20% Off!
As soon as I know how Encore wants me to handle the coupon I will post it on my blog for you to copy.  I hope to have that done in a day or so.

So keep checking for the coupon and new pictures!

Elizabeth Ann