Friday, June 4, 2010

Who's the Little Girl?

Who's the little girl? The little girl in my header, that is. The hubby and MB thinks she looks scary. I think she is a riot, to me she looks like she is totally hacked-off. I imagine her thinking..."I have these stupid, huge bows in my hair, I don't like my dress and my shoes are hurting my feet!"

I have no idea what her name is, I just call her Lulu, but I've been told she is a relative of mine. This is a scanned copy of a postcard my grandfather gave me. He told me he isn't sure but he thought it was the daughter of one of our "rich relatives" from California. (I always thought that was funny.) He said he could tell by her clothing and shoes. Well this picture is close to if not over 100 years old. My grandpa gave me a book of postcards, many postmarked between 1905 to 1915, that his mother collected for many years until she passed away. She died in a flu epidemic when he was only seven months old. (He was sent to live with his maternal grandmother and never saw his father again.) This book of postcards was the only thing he had of her's. He said, since many of them were from his relatives and were sent to his mother, he would sit and read them over and over again because that made him feel like he was able to get to know her a little bit. Grandpa is gone now and I cherish these postcards dearly. I have framed many of them, sandwiched between glass so I can still read the backs and I've given some to other relatives.
Look closely at this picture and you will see my favorite way I've used one of my price tags for my booth merchandise. I wanted something different and I loved "Lulu" in all her finest, (she's "rich" you know! ha, ha) so I thought why not! Now when someone buys something from my booth, they get a little piece of my family heritage!
Elizabeth Ann

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  1. Well, you should be gla dto know that I find her so adorable that I cannot remove her from my purchases. LOve her pout!
    I just pretend its a buy one get one...she is the bonus with purchase. If you camein my home.....itd be really easy to spot what I have bought from yoru booth!