Friday, May 25, 2012


What do these things have in common?

They create the walls for

Elizabeth Ann’s
my booth at Encore Resales in Pelham
I've been wanting to add more definition to my booth for a long time. Because to me, there needs to be something to make your eye "stop" between each space. 

So Mr. EA and I spent several hours one evening
creating a new look for Elizabeth Ann's. 
He had sooooo much fun....just ask him!!
The white china cabinet and some of the shutters have been my back wall from the beginning. We just added another pair to each side.  The new ones are portable so I can move them around as needed. 
 My booth is at the beginning of an aisle as you enter the LARGE room at the back of the store.  So I decided to leave the front open.  Sometimes it will be set up as an entrance or sometimes, like now, I'll put a low piece here.

I love these old doors as my corners, they're moveable too.
(updated 5/26/12:  the bedsprings sold today)
What do you think of the bed springs? 

I saw them leaning against an old building and I immediatly thought DISPLAY!
(but these are for sale) 
So I went inside to see if they were for sale. 
They were, along with the rest of the bed. darn!
But the price was right and the rails were the old button style metal rails.
Something that is VERY difficult to find.
I sold those to a friend of mine that's been looking for some and I have plans to use the headboard and footboard for something at home. (I hope to show you that in a few weeks.)

Come back next time and I'll take you inside so you can browse around and take a closer look at a few things.  I've also got some pictures ready for another post about this banner and some others I've made.

Elizabeth Ann


  1. Hi,
    How much is the black Ikea day bed? Thanks!

    1. Anonymous, thank you for your interest in the daybed but it sold yesterday.

      Elizabeth Ann