Friday, September 17, 2010

A New Home and A Second Home!


Luckily I didn't need one of these!

Only one of these!

Elizabeth Ann's has moved to a little bit larger booth in a better location inside Consigning Interiors. 

As soon as you enter the store my new booth is straight back !

I've been working HARD trying to get it set up and arranged.  I've still got some tweaking to do but I promise pictures soon!


I will also have a SECOND home soon!

Elizabeth's is located in Cahaba Heights
4209 Dolly Ridge Rd., Vestavia, AL (205)977-3355
Elizabeth Ann's will have a second home at
Elizabeth's Consignments.

Very appropriate don't you think?

I move in October 1st, hopefully sooner.  That same day all the vendors will be having a tent sale so it should be busy.

I'm extremely excited about both but all this work has been kicking my buttocks (hear this the way Forrest Gump said it)
But I'm loving every minute of it!

I think I might actually be staying home tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to give our home some much needed TLC. 
I'm anxious to get some fall decorations up.

Thanks for reading it really means a lot to me and a special thank you to those that have signed up to be followers. You have no idea how excited I get when I see I have a new follower.

Elizabeth Ann

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Perfect Match

I love no LOVE thrift stores, auctions (a new addiction), estate sales, basically any place I can buy second hand.  I've even been known to do some trash picking!  I enjoy seeing what I can get for a bargain but I really like to try to figure out different ways of using something.  You know using it in a way different from its
original purpose

I bought this chair at an auction.  It had a seat but a really ugly cover...easy to fix.

I bought this clock face at a thrift store a few days later. It has a MDF back which is about an inch thick so it is strong. I had intended on using it as a base for a large cloche but it just didn't work.
"Oh well I'll come up with something else for it."

See where I'm going......


I think it is a perfect match.

I sprayed the clock with several coats of a clear matte poly then glued it down with Gorilla Super Glue.  I also put some brackets underneath for a little added security.

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Elizabeth Ann

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The evenings and mornings around here have had a hint of fall lately!  We can actually walk outside before 10 AM and not get hit with sweltering heat.  Even though it's still getting into the 90's during the day the humidity is lower so it just feels so much better. 
So...I'm in the mood to decorate for fall. 
(If the pictures weren't taken by me all the photo credits will be at the end of this post)
Since I'm trying to lighten up my home's decor and because I'm using a lot of white I started looking for inspiration on how to keep the white but still add a hint of fall.

I decided to take a cue from my nieces wedding that was in October of 2008.  I did all the floral arrangements and decorating.  She wanted white but fall colors also, I wasn't so sure.  However, the more I played with the colors the more I realized it could be done and be beautiful.  I did have to convince her to let me use pumpkins and gourds, but she trusted me and she liked it all. 
Here are some pictures:

I used the couple's last name monogram in several places

I did several of these little arrangements, one for each guest table at the reception.

I really loved all the white pumpkins,
which I found at Wal-Mart of all places.
I also liked the softness of the color of this Cinderella pumpkin. 
The growers call it Fawn.
I even liked the colors of this little striped gourd.  

Did some web browsing for even more inspiration:

I like the simplicity of just a single pumpkin, a wreath and an urn.  It could be done with just a pretty flower pot if you didn't have an urn.  I think I'll try this out but on a smaller scale.

(I think I have enough ironstone to get this look ha..ha!)

The use of the silver pieces with these pumpkins is nice. 
I've done this before and I'll do it again this year.

I like the idea of using something different as a "wreath" on the front door.  Right now I have a large "B" on our door.  I think I'll add a bit of fallness to it.

I'm not really into decorating for Halloween but I thought these were so cute I might have to change my mind.  Both of these pictures are from the October issue of Country Living magazine. The ghost in the mirror is frosted contact paper.

Ok I'm off to see if I can do something with all this INSPIRATION! 
I just hope I can find some pumpkins, I'm not sure they are out in the stores yet.  I will post pictures of what I come up with, but give me a few days!

Elizabeth Ann

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