Friday, April 29, 2011


I know I've been a bad blogger.  But I do have a few excuses; I lost my camera, (of course I hadn't downloaded any of my pictures) we went out of town and I've been sick.  We're back in town, my camera has been found and I'm feeling a whole lot better. 
I do have a couple of post ready, I'm working on a series of post and I've got some news.

But I just can't do them right now.  My heart is too heavy. 
The devastation that my beloved state of Alabama has suffered is heart breaking. 
The last death toll I saw was 213, just for the state of Alabama.

This image is probably all to familiar by now. 
Just Google Alabama April 27, 2011 tornadoes and the images will leave you in tears.

This is what we saw on our TV most of the afternoon of April 27, 2011.  
Yes we did spend a good part of the afternoon in the basement and watching the TV. 

We live about 20 miles south of Birmingham so we were spared. 
All we are having to deal with is cleaning up our yard, driveway and deck.

I do have a very small inkling of what the tornado victims are going through.  When I was 13 my mother, two sisters and a I were in our house (about two miles from where I live now) when a tornado hit it. It ripped the roof off and broke out windows. I do remember the roar and the pressure in my ears.  That experience has left me with a great respect for tornadoes.  Let's just say 37 years later I still pay attention to the weather! 

However, I really can't imagine the feelings the victims of these tornadoes must be experiencing.  (VICTIMS, you know, I really don't like that word it doesn't seem personal enough.)  These men, women and children must be going through a gamut of emotions; loss, hope, grief, fear, relief, despair, joy, anger.... 

I do know I believe in the power of prayer. 

I said in my title that I have two request so here they are: 

1.  Please pray for all (Alabama wasn't the only state hit by these tornadoes.) the men, women and children that were affected by the tornadoes.
2.  Please, please, please...when you hear a tornado warning in your area pay attention, go to the safest place in your home and
DON'T dismiss it.

With a thankful heart,
Elizabeth Ann

Sunday, April 3, 2011


From the sea

and all over!

Collected and gathered

(This helmet is a 1960's child size Rawlings.)

(Remember these record players? This one still works!)

hoping someone else likes them

as much as I do.

Bunny Love!

(Bunny Derriere)

Then there's cloche love!

(The base for this little cloche is a piece of antique bull's eye molding.)

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Elizabeth Ann