Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alabama Pickers

I have my very own Alabama Pickers!

This fantastic fireplace mantel was among my first purchases.

I really like the details.

Especially this trim, which is all in tact, that looks like a string of pearls.

Aaron and his uncle travel the back roads of Alabama looking for treasures.
Like this late 1800's East Lake dresser.
(Which still needs its mirror put into place.)

I'm loving the carved pulls.
So very glad they didn't get broken.

This beauty needs some TLC. 
A bath with some Howard's wood cleaner and a rub down with finish restorer should do the trick.
She will NOT get a paint job!

Aaron told me they go way out in the country.

That's how they find the good stuff.

This mirror is in great shape.  I just didn't like the reflection.

I imagine them poking around in barns and attics.  Rummaging through old storage buildings that no one has stepped foot in for years. 
Unearthing the great buffet and french table that are in my storage unit waiting for face-lifts.
Finding great super - tall - seven - paned - doors just for me!

OK, realistically I know that I'm not the only one they pick for/sell to.  But it's fun to pretend.  I just wish I had the nerve to go up and knock on someone's door and ask "hey can I look around and dig through all your fabulous JUNK you have sitting around". 

Well, until I'm a lot more brave I'll leave it up to Aaron and his uncle.

Elizabeth Ann

Monday, March 28, 2011

What do you do when...

your baby sister asks if you will make a boutonniere for your niece's prom date. 

Your niece you have adored since she was born.

You say YES of course!
You also say YES when your niece text a few hours later and ask if you will also make a boutonniere for Maci's, her best friend, date. 
Especially since you have known Maci since she was in kindergarten and she calls you aunt Elizabeth. 

I gathered all the necessary supplies after
asking all the right questions... what color is the dress?... do we like this boy?... what color is the tux?... does Mark, her daddy like this boy?... what color vest is he wearing?... can we trust this boy?... what kind of flower does she want? know all the important questions!! 

After I got a "yes" to all the questions that really matter.

I found out Erin's dress was royal blue and that
Maci's dress was a rainbow of colors.
Both dates were wearing a black tux with royal blue vest and tie.

Since I knew I wouldn't find a royal blue flower I suggested to Miss E that we use a white rose and that I would bring the blue in by wrapping the stem with that color ribbon.
She liked that idea.
(This worked out because her corsage had white roses.)

Believe it or not, Maci doesn't really like roses, so I suggested we use a kermit mum and also wrap the stem in the royal blue ribbon. 
We were good to go!

So their boutonniers would be a little different I used seeded eucalyptus instead of baby's breathe.

Here's the end result.  What do you think?

  Could their dates be more good looking!?

It seems like yesterday this was my Erin girl....

putting together her own styling outfit..cowboy hat, sleeping beauty gown and her daddy's slippers!

Then I blinked....

I love you my Erin girl!

Elizabeth Ann
(a.k.a. Aunt Elizabeth)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Before and After

YES!! I remembered to take before pictures!

I got this "cutey" at an auction a few months ago. 

  Though a little ruff ..ok a lot ruff.. I liked it's lines and the closed storage at the bottom.  I hoped that with a paint job someone else would like it also. 

I started out painting it this aqua color.  Waaay too bright!
 Hoping the mahogany stain would react with the aqua paint and create a wonderful weathered finish. 
I had this happen before by mistake and I loved it. 
But of course when you want something to happen it doesn't.

So I decided I wanted it to have a weathered gray look with aqua peeking out. it had been sitting on a deck of a beach house....
...mine of course...


I think I got pretty close.

Tomorrow I'll put it my booth dressed with lots of seashells, starfish and driftwood.

I'm joining these parties:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This Concludes Our Tour...

Today we will begin with Janice

and we're walking...and stop

directly behind Janice is Vickie
(soooo sorry about these pictures my camera is acting up - I know it can't be the operator)

(I really wanted you to see this little shelf...that darn camera)

and we're walking

next we have Susan
(see if you can spot what I bought for myself)

Well, that concludes our tour. 

Oh, did you see it? 

Did you spot the SOLD tag?

Yes! this is it. 
I couldn't resist. 
I know it's not a bit practical. 
But I am a southern girl and we all need a
fainting couch for when we get the vapors.
Hey, I'm almost 50, believe me I'm experiencing
waaaay to many "vapors"!

I'm putting it in "MY" room downstairs
which I plan to show you soon.

I hope you enjoyed the mini tour of Encore Resales
This is by no means the complete store. 
  There are more booths full of surprises and treasures!  Not to mention all the consigned and new furniture.  If you like retro and vintage we got you covered.  If you like antiques you'll find that too.  And all those booths I've shown you....they've already changed!

Elizabeth Ann

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Part Two...

Our tour continues with Jan and Jimmy

This is a great bamboo and rattan table, it's pub table height.

Next is Jill,
her husband makes gorgeous rustic tables
and fine furniture.

Jill's husband added a drawer on both sides of this table.

Up next is Eve. 
(Who was my daughter's 1st grade teacher.)

Kay will be our next stop.

Our final stop for today is Martha.

Thanks for spending time with me today. 
I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures. 
I'll be showing you something I bought for myself,
it's fabulous!
Elizabeth Ann