Saturday, April 28, 2012

La Tour Eiffel
(La dame de fer)

Over a year ago at an auction I was highest bidder for a lot of framed prints.  This meant I got to be the first to look through and choose from at least 100 pictures.  While the highest bidder looks they go on with the auction.  When the bidder is finished they "run" it again and then the next person who wins the bid gets to do the same thing.  You do feel a little pressure because you know others are waiting on you and you are in front of everyone attending the auction.  Luckily I had gotten there early enough that I was able to peruse them ahead of time and have an idea of the ones I wanted.  I have since sold all the pictures I bought, but I forgot about this one.   Until I unearthed it while cleaning out our little office.    
I like it because it is an original photograph.  On the back it's handwritten - taken from the right bank.   I like the way the people are dressed and the old cars.  Unfortunately the photo isn't dated, but I think maybe the late 30's. 

I decided it would be great as a prop in my booth,  in frames, on easels, or any where a little french touch is needed.  So I scanned it and adjusted the contrast a little and added the Elizabeth Ann's and my blog address. 

I also wanted something that looked more aged.  So I cropped some of the bottom then using the cloning tool I added more bushes and trees to cover up the cars and people.  Then changed the black and white to sepia tone.

Added Elizabeth Ann's and my blog address. 
Not even close to looking professional but I like it and I think these will add a nice touch to my booth. 

Now just hoping to see it in person one day.  Of course it will be while I'm on a France/Paris flea market shopping adventure!!!

Elizabeth Ann

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Are you crazy?


I want to tear out the linen closet in my bathroom
 and replace it with a free standing cabinet.

I've been browsing PINTEREST and found a
B U N C H of examples of people using

china cabinets and armoires as their linen closet.

I want glass doors, maybe that would force me to keep everything organized.  That would give me an excuse to use cute baskets, apothecary jars and my favorite...ironstone!

This idea was on my mind the whole time I was painting this vintage china cabinet.   

That's why I chose to leave off the grid that was originally over the glass.

So when I put it in my booth at Encore I staged it to try and create that idea.

Why not keep it and put it in my bathroom? 

Can you imagine Mr. EA's response if I said, "honey, I want to tear out the linen closet and put a china cabinet in it's place"?
****crickets chirping**** 
You're serious aren't you?
see the title of this post

(Confession Time:  I've never really approached Mr. EA about doing this.  I'm actually being practical.  We might be selling our house in a few years.  So tearing out the linen closet in a small house probably wouldn't be the smartest thing to do.  Otherwise I would be all over getting this done.)

Elizabeth Ann         
I went to this party

Friday, April 20, 2012

Meeting Annie Sloan Road Trip

Hopefully, y'all are still with me and haven't gotten bored.

(jacked from Kim's Facebook)

From the picture I left you with on my last post you've probably guessed we went to the American Picker's store, Antique Archeology, in Nashville.

It's in a great old building along with other shops and businesses. 

There's still a large part of it being renovated.

Inside the store was smaller than I expected but had the "cool" factor like I thought it would. 
The prices were high, kinda of what I expected. 
Something really neat was that several of the items said who "picked" it, Mike or Frank, and where.  I did recognize several things from the show.

I was excited to see that someone and I think alike.  See the lights that my crude arrows are pointing to?  I already had two funnels at home that I was planning on doing the same thing to.  I've got the lamp parts, now I just have to put it all together.

I brought this t-shirt home for Mr. EA and I couldn't resist the "Junk in the Trunk" bumper sticker for my van. 
It's my work van so I felt it was perfect.

As we were leaving Kim and I HAD to get pictures next to the Antique Archaeology van.  This wasn't the one from the show, it had California plates, but it was still fun.

We left there and started heading to the Goodwill but on the way we ran across a great antique store, Eighth Avenue Antique Mall. 
I bought and have already sold
(before I could get pictures - but YES!!!)
 an incredible pair of antique shutters and this wonderful old window with the pictures of eggs.  Not sure if you can tell but the pictures were taken out of an old book.  This might not make it to my booth.  I'm enjoying it here at home right now.

We made it to the Goodwill store.  This particular store has the Goodwill Outlet - a.k.a. The Dig.  Kim and I had heard about it several times so we were anxious to check it out.  Some people said they found great deals there. 
Well.......let's just say...NOT our cup of tea!
I did manage to find a few things and so did Kim.  But we were done when one of the workers started yelling for everyone to stand back and he was carrying a bag with a long grabber tool.

Not to be out done we did go around to the regular store side and I found a few treasures.  Including a round gold leaf mirror that I painted and have already sold.  (another YES!)

(Kim Crisp Photography)

(Kim Crisp Photography)
(Kim Crisp Photography)
Since I-65 passes through Franklin and it waaas on our way home we decided it deserved another visit.  Franklin is a beautiful city and we want to go back and REALLY explore.

Our final stop was back at Harpeth Antique Mall and we found a few more goodies.  I'm wishing I had gotten more of the Canadian canning jars.  I saw these on another blog, no clue where, and wanted some then.  SO WHY DIDN'T I BUY MORE!!!  One or two of these might make it to my booth.

I had to share this last picture with you, along with the text conversation Mr. EA and I had.  This trip was a blast and I can't thank Kim enough for asking me to be her partner in....crime....nope, we didn't do anything wrong...Junkin' & Paintin'...yes that's the ticket...JUNKIN' & PAINTIN'!!!  I think that should be my new TAG line....

~~ * Just-A-Junkin' & Paintin' * ~~

 Elizabeth Ann

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meeting Annie Sloan Road Trip
(part two)

Not the best picture...had to use my phone since I forgot my camera!

As I mentioned in PART ONE, my friend Kim Crisp won two tickets to the Nashville stop of the Annie Sloan Unfolded tour
 and she invited ME to go with her!!! 

Anytime we go somewhere together it turns into a buying trip. We GOOGLE the area for:

 * Antique Stores
* Thrift Stores
*Flea Markets 


Here's how we started out ..."we'll leave Sunday afternoon, spend the night, go to the workshop the next day then drive home that night".

Yea right!

Here's how it really went down:
Left Pelham Sunday morning


Crossed the Tennessee line

 Are you hungry

yes but don't want to waste time stopping to eat

See a SONIC sign

Got off at Exit 1 Ardmore, TN

Cross back into Alabama

Found the Sonic
In awe at how thoughtful someone was to leave us a toothbrush

Cross back into Tennessee

See DOG DAYS Flea Market sign


OK... now according to Mr. EA, who was tracking us on his iPad using Find My Phone,
we were in Junkyard, TN even though the sign said Ardmore, TN
...he might have been making that up! ;-)

Kim buys several wooden window mullions

Elizabeth buys an ironstone pitcher

~Oh, but the sights we saw~
cribbed from Kim's facebook

Elizabeth gets a text from Mr. EA...WHERE ARE Y'ALL?

Elizabeth calls him...

a truck loaded with crowing roosters goes by as he answers the phone

he starts cracking up

Mr. EA pleas with us to get back on the road

Back on I-65

Mr. EA text

"Glad you have my NEW CAR out of deliverance country"
(so much for thinking he was concerned about our safety!) 

Kim text back "come to think of it we did hear some banjo music"

(I have to interject right here...Kim and I never felt unsafe while we were there.
Actually the people couldn't have been nicer!)

Driving and Talking

Driving and Talking

~We have about Three Hours before places start closing~
----The Horror!!!!----

Kim, the navigator, plotted our course

Our first stop

Elizabeth bought this for herself

Then we headed to
Kim bought this cutie

(cribbed from Kim's Pinterest)
Of course this is after Kim added her magic touch using ASCP Antoinette and Coco.  It's now waiting for a new owner at This Little Piggy Went to Market in
Encore Resales.

Elizabeth bought
The great architectural column standing behind the plant. 
The ironstone pitcher on the buffet is the one I bought at the flea market. 

Antique stores close

Find hotel and check in

Eat dinner

Get settled in our room

Have trouble falling asleep too excited about tomorrow!


Met Annie Sloan
Go here to read about how wonderful that was!!

Changed to a different hotel in Brentwood, TN

Ate dinner

Back to room

Back out to Cold Stone Creamery

Back to room

Made a plan for tomorrow

I'll finish up about the ROAD TRIP on my next post.
Yes we did do some "picking"'s a sneak peek.

(cribbed from Kim's facebook)
 Have I told you I FORGOT my camera?! 
So....most of the pictures were taken by Kim. 
Mine have Elizabeth Ann's on them or I told you where I stole borrowed them.

~Until Next Time~

Elizabeth Ann

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meeting Annie Sloan Road Trip
(part one)
My first chalk paint project
I remember about a year or so ago when my friend, Lana, first told me about chalk paint.  She said she read about it on a blog and there's no need to sand or prime!  I have to admit my first thought was "Lana, we've heard of chalk paint before what's the big deal?".....
Oh, chalk paint
not chalkboard paint
I finally got on line and ordered some. 
I've never looked back!

Faux Studio Designs
2115B Old Montgomery Hwy.
Pelham, AL  35124
Stacey Christensen (proprietress)

Then to make life BETTER a stockist opened in my city!!!!!

Kim Crisp ~ Stacey Christensen ~ Me
Oh it got even BETTER! 
My friend Kim entered a contest that Stacey was holding for two tickets to the Annie Sloan Unfolded tour at the Nashville, TN location. 
Y'all Kim won and she invited ME to go with her!!!!! 
Oh what a lucky girl I am. 
(By the way, those tickets cost $350 each.) 
So right here right now I must give another great big
 to Kim for inviting me and to Stacey for holding the contest.

Kim and I were so excited to meet Annie.
(yes, first name basis now. ha ha)

We got to spend two hours with her, she did a few demonstrations, answered questions and gave us the scoop about a new book in the works.  She told us about how and why she created Chalk Paint, and how it got started here in the U.S.  By the way, what we buy in the U.S. is made in the United States.  She also explained how stockist are chosen and why she will never sell her paint in a big box store. 

Later we moved into workshops.
These goodies were waiting at our seats for us.

We were really excited to see these aprons draped over our chairs.

  We painted and learned some new techniques. Annie came in and told us about a new line of fabric she is introducing.  It was chosen to coordinate with her paints!  She also answered more of our questions.  We were able to hold and feel the new brush that will be available in about two weeks.

Stacey and Annie's husband David
Following the workshop there was a reception and autograph signing.

When it was my turn, Annie asked "and who is this for"
I replied "Elizabeth Ann".
Her response was "that's my name".
We even spell it the same!!!!

I love that she signed Elizabeth Ann under Annie Sloan.

Kim and I had a great time meeting Annie Sloan but remember
 the title of this post said ROAD TRIP.
Oh yes there's more to share but I'll do that on my next post. 
Let's just say we did a little "Picking" in Tennessee.

One more thing, almost all the pictures in this post were taken by Kim. 
Someone forgot her camera!!! 

Elizabeth Ann