Friday, November 26, 2010

Swift-Coles Historic Home

Last month while Mr. EA lounged on the beach I was out making a huge sacrifice to shop for Elizabeth Ann's.
I know that's just the kind of person I am. 
Well I noticed a sign I had never seen before:
AWESOME!  I looove historic homes!  Darn it's getting late, oh but wait a minute we pass right by the turn off on our way home.  DONE! 

Mr. EA being the wonderful husband that he is said "sure we can go by there.  It will be fun to see a part of this area I haven't seen.  It will probably be just a shack we would drive by and be on our way".
  OH, NO SIR! 
He knew he was in trouble when this is what the drive up to the house looked like:

Then we see this:

Mr. EA:  Uhhh, that isn't a shack.
Me: Cool, there's a sign that says they give tours.

Bon Secour's Tidewater Mansion

Home Open
Tuesdays and Fridays
10:00 - 4:00
Last Tour Begins at 3:00
Admission: $5.00

Mr. EA: Greaaat!
Me: It's Friday! and before 3:00.

So, off we went:

Do you know why people paint the ceilings of their porches blue?  To keep the wasp and birds from building their nest up there.  Is that just a southern thing?

We weren't allowed to take photos inside so all my pics will be of the outside.


This is looking from one upper porch to the another upper porch.  Oh, wait should I say from one veranda to the other veranda?

Here's a beautiful view, whether from the porch or the veranda, beauty is beauty.

I love the huge old live oaks dripping with spanish moss and ferns growing on the limbs and trunks.

The Swift-Cole House is located in a place called Bon Secour, Alabama.  Bon Secour is French for "Safe Harbor".  I grew up hearing about Bon Secour I've even been fishing there, but I had never heard of this historic home.  Probably because it was the private residence of Nik Coles until the past several years.

If you want more info and to see some pictures of the inside go HERE.  This is very nice post on the Alabama Bloggers site written by Leigh Bratina of Tales from Bloggeritaville.

I really enjoyed the tour and our guides were very good.  What about Mr. EA?  Well he held in there and even pretended to be interested.  He said his interest was piqued when he heard the ghost story. ;-)  Thank you honey for all you endure.  He loves me!

If you find yourself in Gulf Shores or Fairhope, Alabama, try the tour.  The drive alone is worth it, you will see some of the prettiest land in LA (Lower Alabama).

Elizabeth Ann


Thursday, November 25, 2010

First things first.....

I hope you all had a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving!

I know I have been.....let's say say the least!  Over a month has gone by since my last post!  I didn't plan it that way, I honestly can't say what happened.  It just did! 

What have I been up to...............?

Mostly just LIFE, nothing exciting, but it has been enjoyable.

Mr. EA and I did slip away for a few days.

No that isn't OIL! it's seaweed.  The water was soooo calm it was like swimming in a lake.  One of the days we were there we started our day watching the dolphins and ended our day watching the dolphins!  While we were in Gulf Shores we made a new discovery, I'll share that with you in a few days.

I did a lot of shopping and brought home wonderful pretties for Elizabeth Ann's.

This ladder is from Scotland and has the former owner's name stenciled on it...DUNDEE!

I've been to several of these...

Here's just a little of what I came home with:

I love this poster.  It is an original 1971 advertisement for a bullfight in Barcelona, Spain. 

I also went to few of these...

The prices are too high on most things but I did manage to find a few treasures.

We have also:
 had a new roof put on the house
$2000 worth of work done to our septic tank. 
Now that's some good times!
You do here the sarcasm in my voice, right?

I'm getting adjusted to being a "junker" full time and realizing I have to work on my business at least a little everyday.  My blog is part of that but I don't see any of this as a is really a joy! 
I am thankful that I am able to do something I enjoy so much.

Elizabeth Ann