Monday, June 4, 2012

In one of my favorites places to shop for Elizabeth Ann's,
I found the sweetest man selling these letters.

He used them years ago when he owned a store.

They were nice and neat in a large card catalog.
In alphabetical order.

With a tab marking where each letter began.

I moved them into a long basket so I could
sell the card catalog.
Then I dropped the basket.
Oh Well!
MB wants these made into a banner like the one below.  She already has a place picked out in her apartment for it.
You can tell which letters he used the most. 
Some of them are still clear and some have yellowed from being in the weather. 
But I like it that way.

I've been having fun making banners.

My niece Erin will be headed to
the University of Alabama this fall. 
(Oh hey, I need to make a ROLL TIDE banner)

My sister Penny made the cake.
So I made her a BAMA LIFE banner.
She and her suite mates want to put it in the living room area of their dorm suite. 

 I'll be making a few more banners.

R O L L   T I D E

W A R   E A G L E
boy that's a hard one for this Bama fan.  :-)

Plus what ever else I can come up with.
I'm also going to put several of the letters in my booth to be sold individually so people can make their own creations.

What would say?

Elizabeth Ann