Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm Off to Camp... Again!

I'll be with the Youth of our church this week, doing mission work, strengthening my faith and just hanging out with some great kids!
When I get back it will be time for the Elizabeth Ann's booth makeover and restock! (I just ran out of time this week.) But I'm sooo excited and ready to get started!
Don't forget to leave me a comment and print the 20% off coupon for your next visit to Consigning Interiors.
Elizabeth Ann

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Give Away!

One of my favorite blogs, LaurieAnna's Vintage Home,
is having a giveaway or giveback as she calls it!

(This is what she is giving away, a 32" santos)

So head over to her blog and enter for your chance to win. Be sure to tell her I sent you okay! But while you're there look around. When I found her blog I stayed up waaaay too late and read the entire thing and drooled over her pictures. She has incredible style and taste. I WILL be going to Texas to check out her shop and hopefully one of her shows!

(This is how she displayed santos at her 5th Place Cottage)

She not only rescues historic houses she also rescues animals! But I felt a kindred spirit with her when I saw her post about her husband...He was born in May, 1955... so was Mr. EA, he has beautiful blue eyes... so does Mr. EA... he has gorgeous silver hair, so does Mr. EA, he is is Mr. EA, he is loving, encouraging and is Mr. EA, he is very skilled at building and is..oops, sorry darling, the similarities end here!
But I still love you more every day!

Elizabeth Ann

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Went to CAMP!

I went along with the 3rd through 5th grade children from my church. We have attended the PassportKids! Camp since it began and I’ve been along on every trip. Next week I'll go with the Youth of our church to Passport Missions. We will spend the week doing mission work in the community.

The camp theme was "Barefoot" going along with “How beautiful are the feet that brings the Good News!”. Romans 10:15 We were asked to bring along a picture that showed something we do with our feet. Here’s what we came up with. LOVE IT! It actually goes along with the name of our church.

I loved that our camp pastor was from Liberia.

PassportKids! always has two summer interns. This year one was from Liberia and one was from Ethiopia. Sami, the Ethiopian also served as our camp missionary. Through him our children experienced Ethiopia in a way no one but a native could show them. As I watched and listened to these young men I thought how wonderful that our children have the opportunity to hear and see how God’s love stretches all over the world.
Currently I am the Children and Youth minister at my church. But after 13 years of serving it is time for me to explore other areas of service. I know I will miss this part of my life, but I’m looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me now.

In the mean time....I hope to spend more time enjoying another passion…Elizabeth Ann’s!

I will be re-arranging, re-doing, and re-stocking my booth over the next few days. Check back…I’ll have pictures. Or better yet, come see for yourself!

Elizabeth Ann

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I've been working on lightening up our living room lately, our whole house really, and because of that I kept eyeing these suitcases. I had been using them for an end table, they are great storage and actually very sturdy. I really like them but they seemed a little too heavy for the look I'm trying to achieve. So I decided they needed to go to my booth. Yes all four of them along with the beautiful aqua canning jars. If you live around Pelham, Alabama they can be yours. The one that is leaning is actually metal. They range in prices from $24 to $34. (The suitcases, not the jars.) Plus I have a 15% sale going on through June 13, even on already marked down items.

I am now using a cute little bamboo table MB got me for Christmas. But I missed the storage and a corner needed something. So these replaced the suitcases, what do you think?

(Sorry I know this is a bad picture.)

As I gathered the baskets I started noticing something. I have an obsession with baskets? (Yes all of the above baskets are mine and yes this isn't all of them.) According to Mr. Webster I don't have an obsession, but I might obsess over them. What's the difference? Obsess: To occupy the mind excessively - Obsession: Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or unwanted feeling. My feeling is NOT unwanted! I seem to be mostly attracted to square or rectangle shaped ones. If it has a lid........MINE!!!! Several of these are waiting to be used in my pantry make over, (coming soon hopefully), others will have a place in different rooms and closets, I'll save some for future use and some will probably make their way to my booth.

I really do use many of my baskets, we have a small house and they are great for storage. Here's a few of the ways I'm presently using them:

This is inside the linen closet in our front bathroom.

I use them in my kitchen, they hold small appliances, dish towels, extra silverware, paper towels, even Spotty Man's kitty food (in the glass jar). That round basket on the end.....the trash can!

And this is my silverware drawer, one of two drawers I have in my kitchen. See I really need the storage.

Here's the neat thing about all my baskets, the majority came from thrift stores, antique/flea malls, a few were given to me and maybe one was bought from a regular store and I bought it on sale. LOVE THAT! Tell me how you use your baskets.

Elizabeth Ann
P.S. Mr. EA said all I had to do was ask him to get an answer to "Do I have an obsession with baskets?" ..... pisshh

Friday, June 4, 2010

Who's the Little Girl?

Who's the little girl? The little girl in my header, that is. The hubby and MB thinks she looks scary. I think she is a riot, to me she looks like she is totally hacked-off. I imagine her thinking..."I have these stupid, huge bows in my hair, I don't like my dress and my shoes are hurting my feet!"

I have no idea what her name is, I just call her Lulu, but I've been told she is a relative of mine. This is a scanned copy of a postcard my grandfather gave me. He told me he isn't sure but he thought it was the daughter of one of our "rich relatives" from California. (I always thought that was funny.) He said he could tell by her clothing and shoes. Well this picture is close to if not over 100 years old. My grandpa gave me a book of postcards, many postmarked between 1905 to 1915, that his mother collected for many years until she passed away. She died in a flu epidemic when he was only seven months old. (He was sent to live with his maternal grandmother and never saw his father again.) This book of postcards was the only thing he had of her's. He said, since many of them were from his relatives and were sent to his mother, he would sit and read them over and over again because that made him feel like he was able to get to know her a little bit. Grandpa is gone now and I cherish these postcards dearly. I have framed many of them, sandwiched between glass so I can still read the backs and I've given some to other relatives.
Look closely at this picture and you will see my favorite way I've used one of my price tags for my booth merchandise. I wanted something different and I loved "Lulu" in all her finest, (she's "rich" you know! ha, ha) so I thought why not! Now when someone buys something from my booth, they get a little piece of my family heritage!
Elizabeth Ann