Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meeting Annie Sloan Road Trip
(part one)
My first chalk paint project
I remember about a year or so ago when my friend, Lana, first told me about chalk paint.  She said she read about it on a blog and there's no need to sand or prime!  I have to admit my first thought was "Lana, we've heard of chalk paint before what's the big deal?".....
Oh, chalk paint
not chalkboard paint
I finally got on line and ordered some. 
I've never looked back!

Faux Studio Designs
2115B Old Montgomery Hwy.
Pelham, AL  35124
Stacey Christensen (proprietress)

Then to make life BETTER a stockist opened in my city!!!!!

Kim Crisp ~ Stacey Christensen ~ Me
Oh it got even BETTER! 
My friend Kim entered a contest that Stacey was holding for two tickets to the Annie Sloan Unfolded tour at the Nashville, TN location. 
Y'all Kim won and she invited ME to go with her!!!!! 
Oh what a lucky girl I am. 
(By the way, those tickets cost $350 each.) 
So right here right now I must give another great big
 to Kim for inviting me and to Stacey for holding the contest.

Kim and I were so excited to meet Annie.
(yes, first name basis now. ha ha)

We got to spend two hours with her, she did a few demonstrations, answered questions and gave us the scoop about a new book in the works.  She told us about how and why she created Chalk Paint, and how it got started here in the U.S.  By the way, what we buy in the U.S. is made in the United States.  She also explained how stockist are chosen and why she will never sell her paint in a big box store. 

Later we moved into workshops.
These goodies were waiting at our seats for us.

We were really excited to see these aprons draped over our chairs.

  We painted and learned some new techniques. Annie came in and told us about a new line of fabric she is introducing.  It was chosen to coordinate with her paints!  She also answered more of our questions.  We were able to hold and feel the new brush that will be available in about two weeks.

Stacey and Annie's husband David
Following the workshop there was a reception and autograph signing.

When it was my turn, Annie asked "and who is this for"
I replied "Elizabeth Ann".
Her response was "that's my name".
We even spell it the same!!!!

I love that she signed Elizabeth Ann under Annie Sloan.

Kim and I had a great time meeting Annie Sloan but remember
 the title of this post said ROAD TRIP.
Oh yes there's more to share but I'll do that on my next post. 
Let's just say we did a little "Picking" in Tennessee.

One more thing, almost all the pictures in this post were taken by Kim. 
Someone forgot her camera!!! 

Elizabeth Ann

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