Friday, April 20, 2012

Meeting Annie Sloan Road Trip

Hopefully, y'all are still with me and haven't gotten bored.

(jacked from Kim's Facebook)

From the picture I left you with on my last post you've probably guessed we went to the American Picker's store, Antique Archeology, in Nashville.

It's in a great old building along with other shops and businesses. 

There's still a large part of it being renovated.

Inside the store was smaller than I expected but had the "cool" factor like I thought it would. 
The prices were high, kinda of what I expected. 
Something really neat was that several of the items said who "picked" it, Mike or Frank, and where.  I did recognize several things from the show.

I was excited to see that someone and I think alike.  See the lights that my crude arrows are pointing to?  I already had two funnels at home that I was planning on doing the same thing to.  I've got the lamp parts, now I just have to put it all together.

I brought this t-shirt home for Mr. EA and I couldn't resist the "Junk in the Trunk" bumper sticker for my van. 
It's my work van so I felt it was perfect.

As we were leaving Kim and I HAD to get pictures next to the Antique Archaeology van.  This wasn't the one from the show, it had California plates, but it was still fun.

We left there and started heading to the Goodwill but on the way we ran across a great antique store, Eighth Avenue Antique Mall. 
I bought and have already sold
(before I could get pictures - but YES!!!)
 an incredible pair of antique shutters and this wonderful old window with the pictures of eggs.  Not sure if you can tell but the pictures were taken out of an old book.  This might not make it to my booth.  I'm enjoying it here at home right now.

We made it to the Goodwill store.  This particular store has the Goodwill Outlet - a.k.a. The Dig.  Kim and I had heard about it several times so we were anxious to check it out.  Some people said they found great deals there. 
Well.......let's just say...NOT our cup of tea!
I did manage to find a few things and so did Kim.  But we were done when one of the workers started yelling for everyone to stand back and he was carrying a bag with a long grabber tool.

Not to be out done we did go around to the regular store side and I found a few treasures.  Including a round gold leaf mirror that I painted and have already sold.  (another YES!)

(Kim Crisp Photography)

(Kim Crisp Photography)
(Kim Crisp Photography)
Since I-65 passes through Franklin and it waaas on our way home we decided it deserved another visit.  Franklin is a beautiful city and we want to go back and REALLY explore.

Our final stop was back at Harpeth Antique Mall and we found a few more goodies.  I'm wishing I had gotten more of the Canadian canning jars.  I saw these on another blog, no clue where, and wanted some then.  SO WHY DIDN'T I BUY MORE!!!  One or two of these might make it to my booth.

I had to share this last picture with you, along with the text conversation Mr. EA and I had.  This trip was a blast and I can't thank Kim enough for asking me to be her partner in....crime....nope, we didn't do anything wrong...Junkin' & Paintin'...yes that's the ticket...JUNKIN' & PAINTIN'!!!  I think that should be my new TAG line....

~~ * Just-A-Junkin' & Paintin' * ~~

 Elizabeth Ann


  1. Thank you for posting about our fun adventure!! We had such a great time and wow, can you believe we got to meet Annie Sloan!!!

  2. Wow, fun times! I plan to check out the American Pickers' new store the next time I'm in Nashville!

  3. wow!! that looks like fun!!
    i would love to go there!!
    thanks for sharing!!