Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Are you crazy?


I want to tear out the linen closet in my bathroom
 and replace it with a free standing cabinet.

I've been browsing PINTEREST and found a
B U N C H of examples of people using

china cabinets and armoires as their linen closet.

I want glass doors, maybe that would force me to keep everything organized.  That would give me an excuse to use cute baskets, apothecary jars and my favorite...ironstone!

This idea was on my mind the whole time I was painting this vintage china cabinet.   

That's why I chose to leave off the grid that was originally over the glass.

So when I put it in my booth at Encore I staged it to try and create that idea.

Why not keep it and put it in my bathroom? 

Can you imagine Mr. EA's response if I said, "honey, I want to tear out the linen closet and put a china cabinet in it's place"?
****crickets chirping**** 
You're serious aren't you?
see the title of this post

(Confession Time:  I've never really approached Mr. EA about doing this.  I'm actually being practical.  We might be selling our house in a few years.  So tearing out the linen closet in a small house probably wouldn't be the smartest thing to do.  Otherwise I would be all over getting this done.)

Elizabeth Ann         
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  1. I love all that inspiration...and I actually do have a piece of furniture in my bathroom that I recently painted a turquoise was in pretty sad shape when I bought it years ago and I did my best to keep it intact and pretty it up...I need to post pictures!

    Soooo good seeing you a few weeks ago, I hope to get back up your way soon.


  2. Thanks for "finding me"! Following your blog now!


  3. what about putting a glass door on your existing linen closet? maybe not as beautiful as a free standing cabinet but maybe....just the little bit of inspiration needed to make a beautiful display???

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    1. Stacey,
      Thank you so much for the suggestion about my linen closet door. It's funny because I've been thinking about the same thing. ....GREAT MINDS...

      Elizabeth Ann