Thursday, July 22, 2010

Two Weeks...REALLY?

Has it really been two weeks since my last post? When I started this blog I knew I wouldn't post everyday, but two weeks. Cheri from Cheri's Chatter even emailed me to tell me she missed me. I think that was so sweet? She commented that she sometimes gets BLOGGERS BLOCK. I must admit that was some of it, but I have really been busy lately also. I'm still working at the church but I'm also working two days a week at Consigning Interiors and trying to keep up my booth. I'm not used to working five days a week on a regular basis anymore. I know...those of you that work full time jobs are whoo! Rightfully so! But it's wearing me out and it's messing with my creativity!!!
I've also been getting ready for another mission trip. My church will be making it's second trip to Perry County, Alabama. This year we will be holding two literacy camps each day; in Union Town in the morning and Marion in the afternoon. I've been busy coming up with plans and activities for the children to do at the camp. I must give kudos to some very special people, SCHOOL TEACHERS! My sister and another lady at my church have been invaluable when it comes to doing this. They knew immediately how to put all this together. School teachers rock! This is going to be a lot of fun. I always enjoying working and hanging out with the children and youth from our church. But I also get to be with many of their parents and other adults next week. We even plan to go to Selma and walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. We did this last year and it was very meaningful. Especially doing it with some of my African American friends. Even though they were too young to have actually marched they did have family that was part of it all.

Our Story: It begins with a name. Sowing Seeds of Hope exists because of names. It is about the names of individuals who preceded us - their stories, hard work, and vision for a new day. It is about the names we know now -- names of students, volunteers, community leaders, business owners, pastors, and teachers. And it is about the Name above all others -- in which we serve, labor, and plant our hope.

When poverty has a name and face, it becomes real to us. It is no longer just an issue of economics, control of resources, or policies. It is about relationship. Poverty is the result of broken relationships. It breeds isolation and a loss of hope. "With a child poverty rate of more than fifty percent and an unemployment level of higher than ten percent, Perry County, Alabama, is one of America's poorest counties."*
Dr. Wayne Flynt, Professor Emeritus, Auburn University

Please add us to your prayers as we read and play with the beautiful children of Union Town and Marion next week.

Elizabeth Ann

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