Thursday, July 1, 2010


I finally got into my booth to add some new
merchandise and rearrange.

Even after over a year of doing this I'm still surprised how long it takes me to get everything ready. I really agonize over pricing; Is this priced too high?- OR - Can I make anything on this? (I love doing this but honestly I want to make some money also. Don't most people?)

Merchandising or setting up displays is my favorite part. No wait, the shopping, yes the shopping for everything is really my favorite.

Ok, I do get a thrill when I walk into the booth and items are gone!!!! Especially when I just put them in the day before! Yesterday I brought in a medium size step ladder, a really cute dining/side/desk chair and a neat vintage rolling market basket. I went back today to take pictures and they were gone!


I also enjoy actually making some things.

(Thanks for indulging me with two more pictures, I hope I didn't bore you to tears.)

You have probably come to the conclusion that I do enjoying "junkin" and what goes with it. But really, my favorite part is when I'm in my booth and I get to meet the customers. So next time you're in Consigning Interiors and you see me please say Hi!

Elizabeth Ann


  1. Looks great Elizabeth Ann! Yours is always the first booth I go to at CI.


  2. Shoot....the ladder escaped me. I KNEW I shoulda. But rest assured the market cart has a good home. :)
    I adore your booth.....everything in it!
    Thanks for stopping by Tales from Bloggeritaville!
    I couldnt find you as a follower? But nonetheless, I thank you so very much!
    If you do find a "L", "B" and "E" let me know and thank you for keeping me in mind. I'll be back soon, no doubt giving you more $$ ;)
    You're very good at what you do. Shopping, creating and staging!

  3. Elizabeth Ann, I just stalked around on your blog. :) Love it! I would love to visit your shop one of these days. It would be a bit of a drive but worth it I'm sure.

  4. Hi, I'm a friend of Judy's too & often frequent CI myself. I met a lady in there a few months ago, but I don't think it was you, who had been to my blog. Anyway, nice to meet you too! I'll look for your space next time I'm in the shop. Happy thrifting!