Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alabama Pickers

I have my very own Alabama Pickers!

This fantastic fireplace mantel was among my first purchases.

I really like the details.

Especially this trim, which is all in tact, that looks like a string of pearls.

Aaron and his uncle travel the back roads of Alabama looking for treasures.
Like this late 1800's East Lake dresser.
(Which still needs its mirror put into place.)

I'm loving the carved pulls.
So very glad they didn't get broken.

This beauty needs some TLC. 
A bath with some Howard's wood cleaner and a rub down with finish restorer should do the trick.
She will NOT get a paint job!

Aaron told me they go way out in the country.

That's how they find the good stuff.

This mirror is in great shape.  I just didn't like the reflection.

I imagine them poking around in barns and attics.  Rummaging through old storage buildings that no one has stepped foot in for years. 
Unearthing the great buffet and french table that are in my storage unit waiting for face-lifts.
Finding great super - tall - seven - paned - doors just for me!

OK, realistically I know that I'm not the only one they pick for/sell to.  But it's fun to pretend.  I just wish I had the nerve to go up and knock on someone's door and ask "hey can I look around and dig through all your fabulous JUNK you have sitting around". 

Well, until I'm a lot more brave I'll leave it up to Aaron and his uncle.

Elizabeth Ann


  1. You are one lucky gal to have Alabama Pickers! It is true some of the best treasures are found down the dirt roads of Bama!

  2. Lucky Ducky...Pickers, you are "big time" girl..lovin' the stuff that I am seeing! Tiff
    P.S. Plan on visiting on much is the blue cabinet with mirror (if u dont mind me asking...Mamma would think that was so rude...we call her "emily post" lol Tiff at The Cranky Queen

  3. Love all the beautiful things your "Alabama Pickers" are getting for you!!!

  4. what great finds! love them all!
    have a great weekend!