Sunday, April 3, 2011


From the sea

and all over!

Collected and gathered

(This helmet is a 1960's child size Rawlings.)

(Remember these record players? This one still works!)

hoping someone else likes them

as much as I do.

Bunny Love!

(Bunny Derriere)

Then there's cloche love!

(The base for this little cloche is a piece of antique bull's eye molding.)

Thanks for visiting Elizabeth Ann's. I'd love to hear from you.  If you're planning a trip to Encore please let me know I'd really like to meet you in person.  I got to meet Tiffany, from The Cranky Queen, on Friday!!!  Wish I had remembered to take a picture.

Elizabeth Ann


  1. What a great idea to use the bull's eye molding!Lots of pretties here!!

  2. Hey Elizabeth! I was in B'ham last Sun-Wed and went to CI but not across the street to Encore. I was babysitting my little grandbabies while DIL was out of town. Met my son for lunch on Tues. over at a mexican place in the Shelby Mart shopping center....I knew I should have come to Encore and checked out your looks great!


  3. Love all the new pictures of your booth!!! It looks great!!!

  4. Your booth looks amazing...Still contemplating the door, may come and put it on layaway (to hide it from Mr. Cranky) Tiff

  5. Love this awesome selection of treasures, the mermaid is my favorite:O)
    A xx

  6. Ok...I did it. The auction queen if officially up and running. I do need your help with a few things though!! I will see how it go'

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