Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Before and After

YES!! I remembered to take before pictures!

I got this "cutey" at an auction a few months ago. 

  Though a little ruff ..ok a lot ruff.. I liked it's lines and the closed storage at the bottom.  I hoped that with a paint job someone else would like it also. 

I started out painting it this aqua color.  Waaay too bright!
 Hoping the mahogany stain would react with the aqua paint and create a wonderful weathered finish. 
I had this happen before by mistake and I loved it. 
But of course when you want something to happen it doesn't.

So I decided I wanted it to have a weathered gray look with aqua peeking out. 
....like it had been sitting on a deck of a beach house....
...mine of course...


I think I got pretty close.

Tomorrow I'll put it my booth dressed with lots of seashells, starfish and driftwood.

I'm joining these parties:


  1. Elizabeth, I love the gray over the aqua!! The corner shelf turned out great!!!

  2. Awe!! YAY ! I love it! Nothing short of beautiful out of you:) I am so glad you linked it up! I sure miss ya!

  3. Isn't it the most awesome feeling when you actually remember to take B4 pics! lol~ Love it and what a great find for an auction!

  4. I love it, such a wonderful transformation!
    Thanks for linking!

  5. that is some fabulous piece of furniture! looks great!

  6. I adore fireplace mantels ! I love the one you found. This weekend i found one with the prettiest old trim on it.