Saturday, June 5, 2010


I've been working on lightening up our living room lately, our whole house really, and because of that I kept eyeing these suitcases. I had been using them for an end table, they are great storage and actually very sturdy. I really like them but they seemed a little too heavy for the look I'm trying to achieve. So I decided they needed to go to my booth. Yes all four of them along with the beautiful aqua canning jars. If you live around Pelham, Alabama they can be yours. The one that is leaning is actually metal. They range in prices from $24 to $34. (The suitcases, not the jars.) Plus I have a 15% sale going on through June 13, even on already marked down items.

I am now using a cute little bamboo table MB got me for Christmas. But I missed the storage and a corner needed something. So these replaced the suitcases, what do you think?

(Sorry I know this is a bad picture.)

As I gathered the baskets I started noticing something. I have an obsession with baskets? (Yes all of the above baskets are mine and yes this isn't all of them.) According to Mr. Webster I don't have an obsession, but I might obsess over them. What's the difference? Obsess: To occupy the mind excessively - Obsession: Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or unwanted feeling. My feeling is NOT unwanted! I seem to be mostly attracted to square or rectangle shaped ones. If it has a lid........MINE!!!! Several of these are waiting to be used in my pantry make over, (coming soon hopefully), others will have a place in different rooms and closets, I'll save some for future use and some will probably make their way to my booth.

I really do use many of my baskets, we have a small house and they are great for storage. Here's a few of the ways I'm presently using them:

This is inside the linen closet in our front bathroom.

I use them in my kitchen, they hold small appliances, dish towels, extra silverware, paper towels, even Spotty Man's kitty food (in the glass jar). That round basket on the end.....the trash can!

And this is my silverware drawer, one of two drawers I have in my kitchen. See I really need the storage.

Here's the neat thing about all my baskets, the majority came from thrift stores, antique/flea malls, a few were given to me and maybe one was bought from a regular store and I bought it on sale. LOVE THAT! Tell me how you use your baskets.

Elizabeth Ann
P.S. Mr. EA said all I had to do was ask him to get an answer to "Do I have an obsession with baskets?" ..... pisshh

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