Monday, May 30, 2011

Like Mother - Like Daughter

I've known for a while that MB, my daughter,
has the "arranging" gene.
Even when she was a little girl she would arrange her play fruit.
Which she fed to her stuffed animals, how cute is that?
She would even arrange/organize her play office and school supplies.

Now that she is older she likes to create vignettes just like I do!
Wooo hooo!

A few days ago she was with me while I was fluffing my booth so
I decided to put her to work. 
I needed to move all my seashells off a large table I had sold and I needed a new arrangement in my china cabinet.

I asked her to take everything out of the cabinet and to create a new display with the seashells. 

Can I do it however I want? 
Can I use some other stuff from your booth?
My answer was YES and YES! 
Just excited that she was interested.

I LOVE how it came out!
I like how she balanced the colors without it looking TOO symetrical.

We've been told that we look a lot alike, but I see her becoming more LIKE me as she gets older,
bless her heart!!

But here's an example of:

NOT....Like Mother - Like Daughter

Last time we were at the beach MaryBeth and Josh decided to go parasailing.

The "Likeness" stops right HERE because.....

This is WAY......


too high!!!
They were 1,000 feet up and this momma is afraid of heights!

MaryBeth and I are about to start decorating her apartment and I plan to take y'all on the adventure with us.  Now that's my kind of adventure. ;-)

Elizabeth Ann

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  1. Hey, I've missed you!! MB did a great job! Ummm, do I see another store/booth owner in the family?!