Monday, October 11, 2010

Elizabeth Ann's New Home in Consigning Interiors

This move was like staying in a neighborhood you love but just moving to a larger house.
As you can see this new home has lots of wall space and I have electricity! I have a sign in the works that will go high up on the back wall, which is great because it is seen immediately upon walking in the store.  The blue wall color was already there and is actually a pretty color so I decided to live with it.

I love this small black shell back chair. 

This dressing mirror is one of my favorite pieces in my booth.  Wouldn't it be great in an entry or foyer?  It actually belongs to the owners of the store.  I wanted it in my booth because of the mirror and the shelves. 
Wish I could find a place at home for it! (I'm still trying to figure it out!)
LOVE this wine bottle in a basket.  I assure you it is no where near the price of the ones at Pottery Barn.  

Any golfers out there?

 This is a corner desk and matching chair!  It needs some love, so I have it priced at a "you fix it up" price. 
If I get around to doing it I'll have to increase the price a little bit.   

It's kind of hard to tell but that is a HUGE Chianti bottle.  Everyone at the auction thought it was funny that I wanted that out of the lot that we were bidding on.  I think it was a display piece, because it is still sealed, sorry nothing inside, and it doesn't have the state tax stickers on it. 

I should have gotten a better picture of this mahogany drop leaf table.  It has three leaves and a center leg; at its fullest extension it is six feet long.  It is made by a well known furniture manufacturer that totally escapes me right now.  (What's that stuff you can take to help with your memory?)

Well there you have it, thanks so much for coming along on the tour.  I still have plans for my new home, but somehow my plans and actions don't always seem to go together.  :-)  But I'm working on that too!

Elizabeth Ann


  1. Wow I love your new place!! Your stylizing is pure perfection. Wishing you all of the best and I love the wall color too!!


  2. Hi Elizabeth Ann,
    Had to stop in and say hello. I love your new place! The wall color and all the room! Wow! Just beautiful, good for you, so happy for you!

  3. Hi Elizabeth Ann, I love the wall color. Thanks for your sweet comment and be sure and leave me a comment on the GAV blog so that I can enter you in the giveaway, if you didn't already. have a great Thursday, T

  4. Elizabeth Ann -

    I visited your booth today in Consigning Interiors. Everything you have was beautifully displayed and I love your style. Just simply breathtaking!

    I will come back often and check out what you have.


  5. Hi Elizabeth. How have you been? I just gave you a little plug on my blog, just wanted to let you know!