Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring....YEAH!!!

Not something I'm typically happy to say.  But after weeks of triple digit temps this is a welcome relief!  Alabama is always H O T in the summer, but this heat has been brutal.  We are supposed to have upper 80's to low 90's for the next few days.  Woo Hoo! 

Now that you have had the weather report I thought I would share a few new items I added to my booth.

Don't you like this door?  Susan, one of my dealer friends got it for me.  Its from Nova Scotia, dates back to 1890's and is wearing its original paint.  I think I will keep this for a while so it has that dreaded NFS tag on it, sorry.  I hate those as much you do, but sometimes it's necessary.  If I do decide to sell it I'll split the profit with my friend.

I enjoyed embellishing these girls.  I felt like they needed a necklace and I remembered my mother of pearl buttons and old keys.  I have had these things for a long time, "saving them for something".  WHY??  What was I "saving" them for, I have no idea?  The buttons were in a tub in my garage!  Do you ever do that?  I also added a key to the little glass box and put some antique postage stamps inside.

I didn't want just an empty apothecary jar on display so I decided to put a few items inside just to show a possible way of using the jar.
This is probably my favorite, another antique bulls eye molding as a base for a cloche.  This one is larger than the others I have had.  I put an iron key and old pocket watch face inside, all for one price.


This antique wooden cracker box is from Pennsylvania and still has most of its paper label. I know it's a little more primitive than what I usually have but I really like the graphics on the label.  They are brighter than what it looks in the picture.

I'll have a different kind of post next week.  Mr. E A and I are taking a little vacation in Fairhope, Alabama at the Point Clear Resort on the Mobile Bay.  The house sitter is lined up, patrol request is on the house (a Mr. E A thing and we have connections) I have a great book ready, plenty of sunscreen and the back seats are already out of the van (there are lots of antique stores in Fairhope and on the way)!!!!!  Fairhope is a beautiful little town and the resort is supposed to be fabulous.  Plus it is only 30 minutes from Gulf Shores and Lulu's, two of our favorite places.  So until next week.

Elizabeth Ann 

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  1. So many pretty things. I have always had this "thing" for old keys! Love the cloche...still looking for one...and the apothecary jar. I've been feeling a little bored with my decor and you've given me some ideas! Hope you have a wonderful trip. I hope you'll post about it at some point. Hubby & I are always looking for new and intesting places to visit. Be safe!